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This is exactly what I was talking about!!

So i ended up taking a week and a day off. I did go back on Friday after getting some weird pushbacky vibes from the supervisor I called in to, but I was about ten minutes into the interview with HR and the HR lady was like, yeah, youre not in any shape to be here, please go home.

Anyway I came back properly on Monday and before i even had the back to work interview, this bellend calls me and just exemplifies everything that drove me over the edge in the first place:

Idiot: Hi, this customer has sold the house and needs to shut their account down

ME: okay, send the details to the team inbox and we'll get it sorted

Idiot: cant you do it now?

Me: no*, please send it to the inbox

Idiot: so you cant do it now?

ME: no, im in the middle of a job, please send it to the inbox. Thanks.

Idiot: so youre not able to do it now?

Me: no. Please send it to the inbox.

Idiot: oh. Okay, i guess ill send it to the inbox then

*because thats the fucking procedure and has been for at least the last four years, but hey feel free to argue with me, waste time, and put unnecessary pressure me because thats super fucking helpful

And like a few seconds later shes ringing my phone again. I didnt bother answering, just got up and left the room. Sat in the breakroom for fifteen minutes waiting for my hands to stop shaking because FUCKING STOP PILING EXTRA WORK ON ME ESPECIALLY FOR SHIT WHERE THERES AN ESTABLISHED TIMEFRAME THATS BEEN IN PLACE FOR YEARS, YOU FUCKHEAD.

UGH blargh anyway i have more to say on this, but im fucking tired after this bullshit, so whatever.
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